Yes, Virginia, you really can run
  a mainframe OS on your PC.

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The powerful Hercules emulator is what allows us to run a mainframe operating system on a PC. It is open source and runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux machines. It will even run on a Rasberry PI. The offical website is located here. While there are other OS's that can be run with Hercules, the most popular 3 are DOS/VS, MVS, and VM/370. This is a great hobby for retirees that had hands on experience with these operating systems in the 1960's and 1970's.


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The Sites Used For This Search Engine

  • www.argecy.com
  • www.conmicro.com
  • hansen-family.com/mvs
  • www.hercules-390.eu
  • www.ibiblio.org/jmaynard
  • www.jaymoseley.com/hercules
  • www.rogerbowler.fr/hercules.htm
  • www.timpinkawa.net/hercules/
  • www.tommysprinkle.com/mvs
  • vintagebigblue.org

You are invited to suggest additional sites for the search. However, please make sure they are specialized on the pre 1981 IBM operating systems that are legal to run with Hercules. We have all wasted time with a generic Google search only to find out that the information we gained was for an OS version in the late 80's or mid 90's and did not help with our dinosaur problem. My email address is at the bottom of the page.


Hercules Emulator

DOS/VS with Power Rel 34

MVS Rel 3.8J

Try The Online SUPRTREK Game

VM/370 Rel 6

MTS Rel 6.0A



MVT Rel 21.8F



You will need a 3270 termnal emulator. Here is a basic *FREEBIE*
It is Java and will run on all Computers that have java graphics
In windows just double click .jar file. In Linux "java -jar VBBlue3270.jar" in a terminal.

Mainframe on PC CDROM Package
myDOSVS - myMTS - myMVS - myVM370

Forecast for the 2016 Social Security COLA


The IBM Compilerator

ALGOL FALGOL 68CAssembler FASSIST Student Assembler
SIMULASNOBOL 4Stony Brook Pascal*
Public Use Online Terminals
IBM 3279

Other OS's for Hercules use


A useful table of
EBCDIC, ASCII, Hex, Decimal, & Octal


General IBM Glossary

Visit this great collection at:

Using Vintage Mainframe Hardware With Your PC


Videos on vintage IBM and CDC mainframes


IBM Photo Gallery


The collected computer notes of Calamity Coder


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