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Welcome to the site for the vintage IBM hobbyist

myDOSVS Mainframe on PC Environment

myVM370 Mainframe on PC Environment

iTerm3270 - An HTML only Online 3270 Emulator

General IBM Glossary

DOS/VS with Power Rel 34

MVS Rel 3.8J

VM/370 Rel 6

Using Vintage Mainframe Hardware With Your PC

The IBM Compilerator Page

IBM Photo Gallery

Videos on the IBM 360/370 Mainframe

I built this site for true computer hobbyist that have an interest in using and maintaining some of the vintage software and hardware that IBM has blessed the world of computing with. For those of us that think something was lost when computers became a point and click affair, that relished building an electronic kit, or bringing back to life a dusty old relic of ancient computer history, this site is for you. There is always an old gem on ebay that needs to be rescued. Always another facet of the complex character based operating systems of the past to be investigaed. These old OS's actually came with manuals, lots of them, that are still available on This site is a wonderfull resource for investigating old software and hardware. So put down your soldering iron, or video game console, and take a trip to the distant computing past. It's more interesting than virtual reality websites or online games.

Things I learned while developing this site

Here are some of the oddball stuff I came across while working on this site. If you have any unusual problems with Java or PHP used in a live webpage that were resolved and you want to share the solution with the world just email me a brief description and I will try to get it on this site. Please do not submit copyrighted material.

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Two Small Programs For Controlling MSDOS Caps-Lock
A simple GIF streaming server in Java
When using netbeans classes disappear while debugging
VI syntax highlighting missing when using SU (Super User) account
gFTP Cannot download a directory and it's files

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